The Rosyma Exclusive Warranty

Most cabinet manufacturers offer 3 to 5-year warranties on the compressor. However, the compressor is probably the last part you will have to change. When was the last time you had to change the compressor on your refrigerator?

Rosyma offers a much more extensive warranty. The entire cooling system, which includes the compressor, the evaporator, the condenser, the piping, the dryer and the electronic, including the digital control, the fan and the relay are covered by a 5-year warranty. The entire cabinet and labour are under a one-year warranty.

Rosyma can afford to offer this warranty because of the high quality of its cabinets. Rosyma proudly manufactures its cabinets in Canada; it does not import them from abroad.

Sulphite and Corrosion

Some people wonder whether wine sulphites can cause corrosion and perforate the refrigeration system. The answer is NO. It is totally FALSE to claim that sulphites perforate the evaporator piping. You should understand that if the sulphites can escape from the bottle, air can also get in.

Evaporators that are pierced after 1 to 3 years generally are of poor quality. The pipes may also be thinner than 14 thousandths. Rosyma's evaporators are 26 thousandths thick. Because aluminium is subject to premature corrosion, Rosyma uses copper pipes, which have a useful life of several years.

When you shop for your cabinet, Rosyma suggests you ask to see the refrigeration system. If it is inside the cabinet walls, you should understand that it will be impossible to replace later if corrosion develops.